Moving with three little ones…

It’s almost time, time to move into our new house and leave behind the place where we started our family of five. Where our children were born (well, not literally of course, thank goodness for that). Where they kept us awake at nights (oh the countless sleepless nights). Where my first girl (nearly) fell off the nursing pillow and my son off the bed (they don’t know how to roll over until one day they do). Where they learnt to walk, hesitant at first, but more confident with each step. Where they learnt to talk, first ‘mom’ (surely ‘mamamamamamamama’ counts! Pretty sure the hubbie has a different opinion), then iPad 😏, incomprehensible at times, discovering new words each day until it becomes a constant stream of information and questions (OMG the questions!) so I can hardly hear myself think these days. Where they became siblings, who can eat each other alive at times but more often than not simply can’t live without each other. Where we have weeds growing in front of the house, so high that I call it our front yard (note: we do not actually have a front yard, only a sidewalk, and I’m afraid this will not be different at our new place #lazypeople). Where the hubbie regularly bumped his head to the ceiling when running down the stairs. Where everything seems so familiar, every sound and every smell. Where the kids all need to sleep together in one bedroom since we only have two but I can imagine they’ll want to stick together in the new house, afraid of all the newness (let’s just hope we’ll at least be able to keep them out of our bed…). Where they were potty trained, successfully in the end but not sure I want to elaborate on this topic. Where we could walk the kids to school and back with such ease, which I’m sure I’ll be reminded of every morning when we’ll be rushing to school, leaving the house just a few minutes too late (every time!), swearing to myself for not finding a parking spot, promising myself to leave earlier next time (as if).

As much as I love this house and will miss it because of all the memories it bears, it’s time to move on and make memories in the new place. 💙

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