When no one is watching…

As so many people, the hubbie and I are working from home full time these days, with our kids around ALL the time. Well, schools are gradually starting up meaning that we have at least one kid in school for half a day every day. Not sure how practical this is for all the parents but I’m sure it will benefit the kids.

As we are adjusting to the new normal, so are our kids. The lack of attention and parental control gives them the freedom to do as they please, within limits of course. So this is what has been happening when no one is watching. I started noticing small things like empty candy wrappings hidden between their toys 🧐. So it seems they’ve been treating themselves! They’re having dance parties cranking up the volume. Try having a meeting or doing anything productive while music is blasting through the house. They’re using our phones to send pictures (a dozen times the same picture of the ceiling or the floor…) or text messages (nothing that makes sense followed by a whole lot of emojis) or to video call family and friends (very persistently, until finally someone answers their call thinking it must be urgent). They also use our phones to take pictures or make little movies which I then happen to discover while scrolling through my phone a few days later. Like this one movie my daughter made of the living room, the television, the kitchen (very interesting…), all the while music is playing in the background. All of a sudden I see my little one walking around on top of the kitchen island. The movie ends with her jumping to the floor onto a pile of pillows (I already wondered what all the pillows were doing on the floor…). 💙

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