Happy birthday to me…

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Celebrating my birthday in corona times, it sure is different! We were supposed to go out for dinner last night, a new place and I was lucky to get a table 😏 but I’m not complaining, well always a little bit πŸ˜‰, but I do realise I’m blessed having the hubbie and the kids around (24/7 these days, yay!) to celebrate my birthday with me. I had the day off, started with pancakes for breakfast, Snow White on the tele, apple pie for lunch, and bubbles for dinner 🀫. Obviously I’m exaggerating…or am I? πŸ€” Given the circumstances I’m sure it would not be frowned upon.

I’m grateful for some down time with my family. We’ve been neglecting our kids for the past two weeks as we’re busy working. Lots of conference calls and no matter how often I beg them not to disturb us while we’re on the phone, they can’t seem to remember. It’s Easter break now so no homework and no need for us to chase them around. They can do whatever they want as there is little or no supervision. It’s like the Wonder Years. But before you call social services on us, we do keep them safe and around the house. There is no wandering the streets alone. Or at least not that we know of ☺️. They’re too busy building camps throughout the house, stripping our couch from all the cushions, bunking together every night. They even tried a night in the tree house! Well not the entire night of course. I really think they are having the time of their lives, riding their bike around the house, playing hide and seek, or some made up game. Obviously there are times when they want to kill each other, when they need some time alone, plenty of time when I’m going crazy from the booby traps they plant around the house, from having to sit in a very uncomfortable couch with no pillows, from chairs and furniture constantly being moved around and all the dirty hands and feet. I’m trying hard to remind myself that this too will pass, the good and the bad, and that I should enjoy it as much as I can πŸ’™

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