Bye bye holidays (we are off to school!)

It’s been a while since my last blog post (talk about an understatement!) but time flies when you’re having fun, or trying to raise little ones. End of school came and went, and so did the summer holidays. I spent two weeks at home with the kids (I guess that’s what they call a ‘staycation’), which was actually rather pleasant and relaxing. Probably something to do with just going with the flow, not making too many plans but taking things as they come. And of course being satisfied with how your day went, without thinking it was a waste of time because you didn’t do anything extraordinary or you didn’t accomplish anything practical. Easier said than done of course and I probably had my moments of frustration (over something the kids did or more likely didn’t do after repeatedly being asked, told and eventually ordered) and disappointment (because secretly I did set some goals and expectations) but I seem to remember only the good stuff. The same is true for our real ‘vacation’ in Denmark. I know it wasn’t all fun and games but most of it was so that’s what I remember. All our kids really need is a trampoline or swimming pool but this year we, parents, wanted more. We wanted to visit places and see things, other than the local pizza place. Most of the things we did for the kids, such as a visit to a theme park or roasting marshmallows by the camp fire, we enjoyed as well. And vice versa, most of the things we wanted to do, like taking a bike ride or a boat tour, were nice for them as well. We even visited a museum with the kids!

It all seems like ages ago. In the meantime school has started again. Our middle one started primary school. She was nervous but she did so well. Especially on the second day when she walked onto the playground by herself, constantly looking over her shoulder to wave at me, trying to find a friend in the crowd of blue and white uniforms. I felt anxious for her, and so very proud. 💙

I was dreading getting back in the rat race, with early morning routines (chasing sleepy kids, trying to get them all in school on time) and stressful evening routines (just picking them up from school is a challenge, and whether on time or too late, one of them will always be complaining). The first week has been nice though, not as bad as expected, I’m still holding onto the vacation buzz…

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