About me


As a 30-something year old mother of 3, I am constantly struggling to find the right balance in life…kids and hubbie, work, family and friends, me-time. I’m not sure if it’s my generation or simply the times we live in, but I want it all: a big family (a family of 5 is definitely big enough, so check!), a nice house (and not one that looks like a daycare center), a challenging yet not too stressful job (and would flexible working hours be too much to ask?), spending time with family and friends (preferably at the latest place to be), interesting hobbies (everyone seems to be sewing these days so shouldn’t I?), and to top things off I want to look good (and not like a tired and worn out mother of 3). Exhausting, right? In theory I know that most of it doesn’t really matter: does the house need to be clean and tidy all the time? Do I have to be up to date on what’s hot and what’s not? Is work really that important and should it not simply serve the purpose of making enough money to pay the bills? Maybe this blog can be part of my journey into becoming a better person, more relaxed and patient, able to put things into perspective and to let go of the idea that everything in life has to be perfect…

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