Playtime is over

My little one started kindergarten after Easter break and my firstborn graduated from kindergarten last June! Where did time go?!

Soon, as in tomorrow, my eldest will be off to primary school with his big schoolbag on his back and his blue and white uniform (yes, it’s that kind of school…), sitting at a table all day, learning to read and write. I keep telling myself that he’ll enjoy learning and he’ll do great in school but I also feel a bit sorry for him since play time will be replaced with study time, homework, responsibilities (exaggerate much?). Perhaps I just feel sorry for myself because it means the same for me as a parent as well 🙂

As with every milestone, I feel a bit nostalgic thinking back on my own childhood. I can’t remember having a hard time adjusting to elementary school or dreading the homework but then again, those were different times (did we even have homework?!) at a different school (I was always first or second in my class which says it all). Perhaps I’ve banned the horrible memories and only kept the nice ones…

With the little one in kindergarten, we are officially out of babies…no more daycare, no more diapers, no more being disgusted on a daily basis by baby spit, baby vomit and baby poo (see how I used the word ‘baby’ to make it all seem a little less gross 🙂 ). Just kidding, I loved every bit of it. The infant that falls asleep on your chest, peacefully, just until the moment you sit your ass down or relax your arm even the tiniest bit. The toddler that understands everything but doesn’t know how to speak yet so you carry him around letting him point to whatever it is he needs. The preschooler that knows how to talk, knows how to talk well, and now will never ever shut up, especially when you’re in a conversation, trying to read or just trying to think. So now I’m ready for the next phase, as soon as I’ve finished labelling their little uniforms, preparing their bags, checking the back to school info that seem to be different for each year so different for each child, still have some studying to do myself. Sweet dreams, little ones, and have a happy start! 💙

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