Conversation with my 4-year old

“Mommy, when I’m a grown up will you be my baby?” My daughter thinks that some day somehow our roles will be reversed and she will be my mom and I will be her baby… I have no clue as to where she got that idea! I explained to her that I’m an adult, I’m never going back to being a baby.

With disbelief in her voice: “So if I have a baby, it will not be you? It will be another baby?”, pointing at her belly button because we all know that’s where babies come from.

“And when I’m a grown up, will you move out of the house?” Euhm, excuse me? This is my house, I am not going anywhere, you are!

I have to leave?”, sounding hurt. No, you don’t have to leave, you’ll want to leave. When you’re older you’ll want a place for yourself, maybe start your own family.

“I don’t want a place of my own, I want to stay here with you.” 💙 Sure, sweetie, we’ll talk again in a few years.

I love these talks with her though. She has come to an age where you can actually have a decent, be it somewhat surreal, conversation with her. At least, if she’s not having a major meltdown over having her crusts cut from her sandwich or not wanting to be the last one up the stairs…

Meanwhile my son is asking me all kinds of questions I don’t know how to answer. Thank heavens for the internet because many of his questions require a google search. Not the more philisophical ones like do wishes ever come me true, what kind of wishes and within what timeframe, where I need to fabricate an answer myself. How long before he realizes he outsmarts me in any way? He has become addicted to online gaming, and for this purpose has reorganized my tablet, replacing shortcuts to internet and email with games and Netflix 🤓 I keep forgetting that he grew up with a tablet glued to his hand so he knows how to work it better than any adult…

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3 thoughts on “Conversation with my 4-year old

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I remember those days. Honestly , I miss them. My son was easy as a baby but we had our terrible two , & even more terrible 3’s, but if I have to go back on his childhood. I’ll relive them again.

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