La diva

It’s been a while since my last blog post…and I was só not going to give up on this new hobby of mine, even if only to prove to myself I’m not a quitter…my little one is sitting on the couch next to me, wiping imaginary poo from her baby doll’s butt, whispering all kinds of things I can’t understand. 22 months and cute as ever 💙 feisty though, she has bitten more people than she can chew…but what a sweetheart. All she really wants is to be part of everything. I guess she suffers from FOMO or fear of missing out. She may have inherited that from me. She was such a calm and quiet baby, but it feels like she’s making up for it as a toddler. Going on two we’re almost in the clear, or at least survived the first big hurdle of a toddler that can crawl, walk, and run, make a mess of things and tear up the place but does not listen to a thing we say. I’ve always found it the most trying time with my kids, from the moment they could walk until the time they start listening, even if only a little bit, but enough to make you feel you may be in control. Lately things are starting to get easier, and I think a lot has to do with the little one who behaves less like a loose canon, which is not only appreciated by us, her parents, but also by her siblings. They like to play with her (though there’s a fine line between horsing around and hurting each other) or next to her and I’m pretty confident that the attacks on her big sister will become less frequent. She can play so well by herself, as little as she is, she already plays with her sister’s dolls (which explains the frequent attacks), putting them to bed (be it a bit rough, she could use some parenting advice), covering them with a blanket (from head to toe, again, not something I would recommend), and kissing and hugging them (at least something she may have learnt from me). There’s something funny and a little sad about a toddler taking care of her baby doll. First of all, where did my baby go?! And second, she’s still wearing a diaper herself but she thinks she can change the baby’s diaper? I wish, and then again I wish she would stay this little for just a little bit longer.

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