When more is actually less…

We had a playdate today, one of my son’s best friends came over to play. A really nice kid who gets along with my daughter as well which is definitely a plus. The boys played on their own for most of the time, my daughter helped me with cooking and the laundry (quite the cliché) and I even had time to sit down, have coffee, and write this blog! My kids are at this wonderful age where they can entertain themselves for a while and I’m loving it 😊. But as much as they enjoy playing with each other, they do get at each other’s throats from time to time (read: try to kill each other on a daily basis) and sometimes it’s easier when there are other kids to play with. So more kids in the house doesn’t necessarily mean more work for mummy, on the contrary. Depending on the company, it may mean more me-time! Note to self: organize more playdates.

Now we only have to wait until the little one can play along who currently gladly disturbs the moments of harmony as her brother and sister are playing side by side. She’ll be trashing lego houses and crashing tea parties, throwing around baby dolls, chewing on barbie’s tiny shoes (that’s if she’s not climbing on chairs or on top of the dinner table – I really need eyes in the back of my head). All it takes is a glance at their direction and they’ll be screaming, trying to protect what’s theirs. When she’s alone though and has all the toys to herself, she can play without having to fight her brother or sister for it. As little as she is, she already stands up for herself, making clear what she wants without being able to say it. A little afraid of being disadvantaged, she’ll scream the loudest. Good for her but with her in the equation more definitely is more 😉, never a dull moment, at least for the time being… 💙

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