Another milestone: panic attack and mixed emotions

I can’t believe how fast things are going! My baby girl is starting daycare tomorrow!! Panic attack and mixed emotions…

  • because my baby’s growing way too fast (5 months already #proud mom šŸ˜),
  • because we switched to a different daycare center where we don’t know anyone yet (they better be good to her #grrrr),
  • because this means I’m also starting work again in a week (yikes!),
  • because I don’t look forward to the morning and evening rush at home (trying to get all 3Ā kids and myself ready on time will be a challenge) orĀ on the road (on second thought, having my morning coffee in the car while listening to the radio doesn’t sound so bad #travel mug),
  • because I’m afraid my brain won’t wake up from its hibernation (#poor performance review)
  • because I’ll miss chatting with other parents at school without having to hurry off to work, forgetting that someĀ people do have to work

I wouldn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom, I just hope I’ll be able to comfortably combine work with 3 little kids. The thought of starting work again makes me a little nervous but I’m also looking forward to seeing my colleagues again (#coffee break) and getting someĀ intellectual stimulation (you don’t usually get to use big words on little children). But if my baby girl cries when I leave her at daycare tomorrow, forget theĀ intellectual stimulation, I’ll just stay home with her until she’s ready to go…#my soft spot šŸ’™

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